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Smoky Mountain Scatterings
dignified, respectful aerial release of ashes

Smoky Mountain Scatterings is privileged and honored to be considered to aerially scatter your loved one's ashes. Please use the following directions and forms in making your request and don't hesitate to call, text, fax, or e-mail with any additional questions.


All releases shall accommodate agreed upon family wishes, in accordance with federal, state, local, and aviation regulations, subject to weather, maintenance, or other conditions.  Please contact us with any questions.

(locations include the Smoky Mountains, rivers, and lakes of East Tennessee)

All releases outside of 60 miles and requests for specific times and locations (restrictions apply) will
be considered individually due to the variety of options available.

Release of pet remains will be considered on an individual basis, please contact us for any requests.  

(6/9/2021) Until further notice,  Smoky Mountain Scatterings is offering free ash scattering services for military veterans, firefighters, and police, and others who have given themselves to serve others.  This applies to areas within 50 miles of the Smoky mountains. Please email or call for more information.

To make arrangements:

1. Print and complete two copies of the Authorization to Scatter form (one for your records and one to include with the remains. We can fax or mail the forms if needed.

2. Pack the container with the ashes (often a heavy plastic bag or box) into a sift-proof cardboard box.

3. Please enclose in a envelope (1) the completed Authorization to Scatter form, (2) a copy of the top half of the "death certificate," (3) a copy of the "permit for cremation of human remains" (or your state's equivalent). Seal all seams. Note on the address side of the package that it contains cremated remains.

4. Send the box via US Postal Service Registered Mail - Return Receipt Requested to:

                                                   Smoky Mountain Scatterings
                                                       1433 Crestwood Drive
                                                        Louisville, TN 37777

If you are in the Knoxville, TN area, we can meet you in person, or you can mail the ashes as detailed above. The Postal Service can assist you further with these instructions. UPS and FEDEX do not accept cremated remains for shipment.

                                             Authorization to Scatter Form

                                               Smoky Mountain Scatterings
                                                       P: 865-719-3260



City, State, Zip:_______________________________________________________________________

Phone #:____________________________________________________________________________


Desired Location of Scattering:___________________________________________________________

Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude):_________________________________________________________

Specific Time and Location_____________________________________________________________

The undersigned acknowledges and understands that scattering of cremated remains is a final and irrevocable act, and that once the cremated remains have been released into the air they are forever unrecoverable.

I hereby authorize and direct Smoky Mountain Scatterings to take possession of and to scatter, in accordance with the terms and conditions described in this Authorization to Scatter Cremated Remains, the cremated remains of:
from an aircraft in a way deemed both safe and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations governing such action. I certify that I have the full legal right and authority to authorize transportation and disposition of the cremated remains of the Deceased and that the identity of said remains is as stated above.

I acknowledge and agree that Smoky Mountain Scatterings is not responsible for any loss or damage to the cremated remains of the Deceased that may occur while in transit from point of origin to Smoky Mountain Scatterings.

If no specific instructions are provided herein, scattering will be performed by Smoky Mountain Scatterings from an aircraft, in a timely manner at a location of our choosing.

I understand that weather, unanticipated mechanical difficulties, government issued temporary flight restrictions, permits, and other issues beyond Smoky Mountain Scatterings' control may prevent the scattering of Deceased's cremated remains on the desired date (if stated). Smoky Mountain Scatterings will notify me of the delay and anticipated rescheduled scattering date as soon as reasonably practical. If scattering is to be done at a particular time and location, once the aircraft has 
departed there is no practical method to recall the flight, and the aerial scattering will be conducted as
planned, even if we are unable to identify the viewing party on the ground.

I acknowledge and understand that once scattering of the remains of the Deceased has been performed, Smoky Mountain Scatterings will dispose of the container(s) which contained said cremated remains.

I acknowledge and understand that technical difficulties and unanticipated weather conditions beyond the control of Smoky Mountain Scatterings may prevent the production of a video of the release, even if one is requested.

The obligation of Smoky Mountain Scatterings shall be limited to the disposition of the cremated remains and provision of items requested. I agree to protect, hold harmless and indemnify Smoky Mountain Scatterings and its principals, employees, agents and affiliates, successors and assignees from any and all loss, claims, demands or damages, liability or causes of action (including attorney's fees and costs/expenses of litigation) in connection with the disposition or the identification of the cremated remains of the Deceased.

This Authorization and the agreements that it constitutes shall be considered in accordance with the laws of the State of Tennessee and any disputes arising hereunder shall be adjudicated in the state of Tennessee.


Printed Name_____________________________________Relation to Deceased_________________