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     Smoky Mountain Scatterings offers those who choose cremation an innovative and affordable alternative. Traditionally, disposition of cremated remains (ashes) was limited to placement in an urn that was kept at home, in a small plot, or a niche in a mausoleum, or scattering on land or water. Families have kept ashes at home for many years, even generations, because they didn't know what else to do with them. Eventually, the ashes lose their significance and become lost in the shuffle of life, possibly meeting an undignified end and tarnishing the memory of the deceased. In advance of their passing, many people request to have their remains scattered so that they can be free with nature. They may choose a favorite location they have visited or a place of beauty where they have never been. Sometimes these locations are difficult to reach and trying to honor the deceased's wishes makes the bereavement process even more painful for those left behind. Scattering the ashes of a loved one by air is an affordable option that offers an elegant way to pay tribute to the deceased.

     Scattering ashes by airplane frees them to dance on the wind just as an eagle soars or a leaf flits about on a windy day. The ashes are set free from the boundaries of earth to an eternal freedom. Some ashes fall gently to earth while others might get caught in the wind and flow half way around the world. Unlike ashes scattered on land or by boat, when released by airplane they are scattered over a much larger area, enhancing the feeling that a loved one's spirit is truly being set free from nature. Ashes scattered by air make every sunset, every visit to the mountains or lakes, an ongoing memorial to your loved one.   Click here to see a video of a release.

     Aerial scattering offers many choices of location including mountains, rivers, lakes, or a location of special significance. Smoky Mountain Scatterings is privileged and honored to help in the bereavement process and create a lasting memorial to loved ones. We release ashes over the scenic mountains, rivers, and lakes of East Tennessee and North Carolina as well as other locations on request. We can combine the aerial scattering with a memorial service on the ground to give the observing family a lasting memory. Please call, text, fax, or e-mail with any questions.  

Update 7/16/2017: Smoky Mountain Scatterings now has the ability to scatter two sets of ashes at the same time. This can be especially meaningful for families who wish to have their parents scattered together or if someone wishes to have a pet's ashes scattered with them.  Please call or email with any questions.

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